Everyone Has

A Story To Tell

His name is Troy - her name is Zara... together, they travel the world helping people and businesses lighten up... and get more out of their work and lives.

Stories spark our imagination, stir our emotions, stimulate learning & persuade action. 

Knowing how to tell your story without boring your audience to tears, or even worse, leaving them wondering what the point of the story was, is sometimes easier said than done. After all, anyone can tell a story for the sake of it, but knowing how to craft and share your story with the aim of having your message taken to heart, and remembered, can sometimes feel like a daunting, uphill battle.

That’s where we come in.

Over the years we’ve appeared on more than 10,000 stages to audiences of all shapes and sizes. We’ve shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, The Black Eyed Peas, Heath Ledger, Destinys Child and Chris Rock to name a few and have performed to a collective audience of more than 6 Million people. But what really lights us up, is helping people and businesses, like yours, discover how to lighten up and share their story in a way that connects, inspires, and moves their audience.

Happier people, happier world

If you can joke,

You can cope!

Life is too short to be taken seriously all the time and too long not to enjoy. Click below to watch Zara's captivating TEDxMelbourne talk on the “Epidemic of Over-Seriousness” and discover once and for all that you don't have to be serious, to be taken seriously.


Working with you was brilliant, honest, funny & insightful.

Deborah Hutton, Media Personality

Thought provoking, interesting, relevant & funny!

Australian Human Resources Institute

“For those wanting to deliver a speech that captures the essence of you and what you have to convey, with a focus on engaging the audience in a relaxed and amusing way… then you’ve found the two people who will help you find your magic. Working with you was brilliant… honest, funny, insightful, organised, intuitive and all class… I recommend HA! highly… a joy to work with.

Deborah HuttonMedia Personality / Keynote Speaker

“After working with Zara & Troy for a few sessions, I realised there was so much more I needed in my speech – my delivery was off, I was relying on a lectern and the subject matter was far too serious for any audience to enjoy. I am now landing the laughs, injecting energy into my speech and most importantly – relishing the opportunity to share my story! I would pay the fee ten times over if I needed to: these guys really are that good!”

Turia PittNSW Premier’s Woman of the Year Motivational Speaker, Author, Interplast Ambassador

“Working with you has been an awesome experience… my speaking career has gone from strength to strength, my calendar is booked to capacity, the audiences are loving it… the process helped clarify my message making it more fun for me on stage at the same time as having more impact with my audience!”

Brad SmithCEO BRAAP, Telstra Young Entrepreneur of the Year

“You guys are truly amazing – I mean it – what I hold in my hands is now a message that will literally impact thousands of people! So much kudos to HA! You know when you have been changed forever and my coaching with you both has been a monumental experience; both personally and professionally.”

Bernadette BlackAmbassador National Year of Reading / Author & Media specialist

“These sessions were life-changing for a number of our staff... we received many letters thanking us for the opportunity to attend such great training... lots of fun and very inspiring. New friendships were formed and it delivered a positive way to look at life. Like a really good book or movie, you keep on thinking about its contents for days after it has finished.”

DirectorCarrington Aged Care


We’ll help you to craft and share your story more confidently with the world.

The Happier Hour

Whoever said conferences were boring has never seen us in action!

Storytelling Masterclass

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