Strategic Storytelling &

inspiring audience engagement

"All success begins with two stories... the stories we tell
ourselves & the stories we share with others"

Humour Australia…
it’s who we are & what we do.
Happier People, Happier World.

Learning to share better stories and express our ideas more confidently connects us to our colleagues, improves our creativity & empowers us to reveal more of our true potential.

We believe that good humour is good business and leads to richer relationships & great results.  At Humour Australia, we love delivering killer keynotes and magical masterclasses in storytelling that show people how to develop raid rapport and share strategic stories that unite teams and… make the world a better place!

The good news? Your sense of humour can help you to become more confident, more collaborative, more creative, more innovative and more interesting as a human being and in our keynote presentations and coaching programs we help people develop good-humoured relationships by becoming better storytellers. If you can joke, you can cope!

Clients we’ve shared a laugh with. Thank you for your time, company and good humour!


We love to share a good story and a helpful tip or two! Get the latest from the blog below.

Humour Australia Audience Speaking
June 14, 2017

6 simple questions to ask yourself before you craft your message

Have you ever been asked to speak in front of your colleagues and secretly hoped you’d be hit by a car on the way to work because you’re so terrified...
Zara Swindells-Grose Melbourne Ted Talk - Professional speaker coaching Speaking
June 14, 2017

The ONE thing you need to know to deliver a transformational (TED-style) talk!

So, we all know that public speaking can be challenging, right? In fact, as human beings it’s our number one fear… even above DEATH! Seinfeld says, that means at a funeral people...
Troy and Zara Swindells-Grose Random musings
June 13, 2017

A lack of love is always a lack of understanding, how to connect more deeply

I heard a beautiful (anonymous) quote the other day…“A lack of love is always a lack of understanding” Poetic! When we feel irritated by something (or someone!) or feel that...

An Enchanting Story That Will Enrich Your Life And Sparkle Your Smirker!

We live in a world where enough is NEVER enough and although this is a kids book for grown-ups, our dream is that every child in the world could grow up knowing that they are enough… regardless of the colour of their skin or where they live or how much they know.